Curium, Apollo and Omodos

Take a scenic drive through citrus plantations to Curium (Kourion,) the main historical attraction of this area with its ancient ruins where you will visit its thermal baths, the Roman theatre and the beautiful mosaics of the 2nd century A.D., belonging to the House of Eustolios.

A short distance away are the remains of Apollo Sanctuary. Apollo was one of the deities of the Greek Pantheon who was primarily worshipped on Cyprus. Visit the temple and continue to the traditional and picturesque village of Omodos.

At the village visit the old wine press, stroll around the narrow streets of the village and browse in local shops lining its cobblestone square.  You will find lovely local lace and handmade objects made of traditional stained glass, home made preserves, mountain honey and all sorts of souvenirs on display.


Special Notes:
Tour suitable for elderly but not wheelchair confined persons or with limited walking capabilities. A lot of stairs and uneven ground at Curium. Uneven ground with boulders at the Sanctuary.  Cobblestone streets at Omodos village.


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Curium, Apollo and Omodos

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Approximately 5hrs

easy excursion

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