Paphos- Mosaics and Tombs

Situated on the south-western part of the island the city of Paphos managed to maintain its countryside ambience and qualities winning Unesco’s attention to include it on the list of cultural and natural treasures, making the city a World Heritage.

The newly completed highway joins Limassol to Paphos within an hour on a relaxed and comfortable journey through scenic countryside spread with orchards, villages, mountains, small farms and golf courses. On the way to Paphos a stop for photographs will be made at Aphrodite’s Rock where legend says the goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love, was born from the foaming waves.

Extending from the seashore to the slopes of the nearby mountains dotted with small villages, their whitewashed houses a striking contrast amongst the greenery of the slopes, Paphos welcomes the visitor in a laid back and relaxed pace. Rich in antiquities the city is complete with a medieval castle and a picturesque harbour where fishing boats are moored. Near the harbour the archaeological park contains remains of villas with impressive mosaic floors. Visit the House of Dionysos dating from the 2nd century BC and admire the beautiful mosaics depicting scenes from Greek Mythology. They are considered the finest in the Mediterranean. Nearby the Pillar of St Paul is believed to be where the saint was tied and flogged. It is one of the forty columns which were part of a castle.

Continue to the Tombs of the kings for a visit.  Dating from the 4th century BC the monumental, mysterious and magnificent tombs are carved out of solid rock.

A short stop at the restored seafront in front of the medieval castle for photographs and souvenir shopping will take place before returning to Limassol.


Special Notes:
Tour suitable for elderly but not wheelchair confined persons or with limited walking capabilities. Uneven ground and stairs at the Tombs. Steps and ramp at entrance at the House of Dionysos. Walkways are firm and good although slightly uneven. Wooden steps and walkways to access or view some of the mosaics. Comfortable walking shoes and sun hat



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Paphos- Mosaics and Tombs

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Approximately 5h15

medium excursion

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