Wadi Rum Desert Adventure

Wadi Rum is a vast, silent landscape of desert and rocks sculpted by wind and time immemorial into enchanting formations of unsurpassed beauty, their color ranging from deep yellow to dark red.

Already inhabited in prehistoric times, witnessed by finds of stone tools dating to the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods almost 7000 years BC, the great valley that once was, was roamed for millennia by hunters and nomads leaving behind a legacy of interesting traces to attest of their passage.

Today it is home to the Bedouin who live in tents made from goat’s hair, tending their herds and preserving a desert lifestyle that has lasted for thousands of years.

This is where the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” and Red Planet were filmed. Change into 4 wheel drive jeeps at the visitors centre before you drive into this unique landscape.

Experience the eerie silence when the engines are switched off and marvel at nature’s wondrous creations. Capture precious moments on film as you stop along the way.

Take a rest in a Bedouin Tent and refresh yourself with a cup of tea before re-boarding the waiting coach for Aqaba.


Special Notes:
Tour begins with motor coach and changes into jeeps at the Tourist Centre of Wadi Rum.

Buses will be waiting at the Bedouin tent at the end of the tour.

Participants need be sufficiently mobile to climb into the back of the 4 wheel drive jeeps.

Not for wheelchair confined persons.

Jeeps are open air for maximum optical views.

Toilets available at the Tourist centre and the Bedouin Tent.

The drive in jeeps is bumpy and dusty.

Wear comfortable walking shoes, hat and sunglasses.

Natural fiber clothing for more comfort highly recommended.

Bottled water advisable.

Some souvenir shops at visitor’s centre.

Tour can be extended to include lunch in a Bedouin Tent


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:
00hr00 -> Depart from Aqaba Port

00hr00 -> 01hr00 Drive to Wadi Rum
01hr00 -> 01hr30 Toilet facilities at visitor’s centre and transfer into jeeps
01hr30 -> 03hr30 Sightseeing drive in the desert with stops
03hr30 -> 04hr00 Stop at Bedouin Tent for tea

04hr00 -> 05hr00 Drive to Aqaba




Tour Details

Tour Name:
Wadi Rum Desert Adventure

Sightseeing Shore Tours

Tour ID:

Approximately 5hr00

easy excursion

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