Petra, The Rose Red Desert City

Created by the Nabateans, Arab Bedouin tribes who came from Arabia almost 2,000 years ago, the fortress like city of Petra became an important and very rich stronghold by protecting passing caravans.

Called the rose red city half as old as time, Petra was lost to the world for centuries, hidden in the mountains of southern Jordan.

In 106 A.D. the city fell to the Romans providing the setting for one of the most unique cities ever built.

They added a triumphant arc, markets, baths, temples, shops and houses to the existing Nabatean tombs and monuments by cutting into the rock of the surrounding cliffs creating an unparalleled masterpiece of sculpted art out of a living city.

When the splendor of the Roman period passed the Bedouin took over once again.

In 1812 a young Swiss explorer re discovered Petra and it suddenly became known to the world, becoming the setting for Stephen Spielberg’s movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

A short walk will bring you to the entrance of the “Siq”, a very narrow, descending ancient riverbed winding its way through the gorge for approximately 3 kilometers.

Towering walls of rock reach 300 feet high and at the final turn, out of the gloom appears the brilliance of Petra’s Treasury, 140 feet high, 90 feet wide and carved out of solid rock.

Continue beyond the Treasury and marvel at the towering temples, royal tombs, carved Roman theatre, burial chambers, paved streets, large and small houses and public buildings.

Return the same way to the tourist centre at the parking area where the coaches are waiting and where one of the nearby hotels will be your venue for lunch.

You have limited time for souvenirs at the stalls surrounding the visitor’s centre before commence the return drive to Aqaba.


Special Notes:
The ride from Aqaba takes approximately 2 hrs each way.

Coaches are toilet equipped. Toilet facilities en route to Petra, at the visitor’s centre in Petra, hotel, and inside the site near the Royal tombs.

Visitors’ centre currently under renovation.

We need to receive passenger manifest at least 1 week before arrival in order to process complimentary visas.

Limited horse drawn carriages carrying 2 persons are available inside the main gate to the site at an extra fee and cannot be pre-booked. They will take passengers as far as the Treasury only.

The initial 10 minute walk to the “Siq” is a gentle descent on reasonably even gravel terrain. From the entrance to the Siq until the Treasury the road is uneven cobblestones with partial gravel and boulders in between. Although there are horses available at the entrance and can be used to transport people only from the ticket gate to the entrance of the Siq, they are not recommended. They have no insurance, vet certificate and no saddle.

Comfortable walking shoes and natural fiber clothing highly recommended. Bottled water advisable.

Not wheelchair accessible nor for persons with limited walking. Participants must be fit and healthy and able to walk approximately 3kms (return walk) and stand for long periods.


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:

00hr00 -> Depart from Aqaba Port

00hr00 -> 02hr00 Drive to Petra with comfort stop en route
02hr00 -> 02hr30 Toilet facilities at visitor’s centre and nearby hotel
02hr30 -> 03hr15 Guided walk down the Siq to the Treasury
03hr15 -> 05hr15 Guided walk from Treasury to the Royal tombs
04hr15 -> 06hr15 Individual walk back at will
05hr15 -> 07hr00 Serving lunch at hotel
07hr00 -> 07hr30 Free time at souvenir stalls
07hr30 -> 09hr30 Drive to Aqaba with comfort stop en route




Tour Details

Tour Name:
Petra, The Rose Red Desert City

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Cultural Shore Tours


Tour ID:

Approximately 9hr30

strenuous excursionmeal with excursion

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