Sunset Jeep Safari

The drive from Safaga to Hurghada takes approximately one hour on a paved road before you veer off into the desert for another 25 km until you reach a tiny Bedouin settlement.

A drive through the Eastern (Arabian) desert could be easily compared to scenes from a moon landing. An expanse of desolate, tough terrain, dry river beds and stark, rocky outcrops form three-dimensional vistas of lifeless mountain ranges shrouded in a haze of heat mixed with pale yellow sand dust.

With a little luck you might experience "Fattah Morgana", the mirage, an optical illusion manifesting as a shimmering lake of water on parched rocky ground as you drive through sheer wilderness.

Great photo opportunities abound and stops will be made along the way to photograph those special sites.

From the rocky slopes of a nearby hill across from a Bedouin settlement watch the beautiful sunset panorama painted by the sun's last rays fading behind the surrounding mountaintops

At the settlement familiarize yourselves with their hard living conditions. Observe how Bedouin women knead the unleavened dough and spread it over open fire making their flat, traditional bread. You will have the opportunity to sample it as well as their aromatic sweet tea. As dusk falls and night fires are lit in the compound, the men folk line up and sing a song of farewell before you depart for the return journey to Safaga.



Special Notes:
The tour is not recommended to wheelchair guests, pregnant women, or anyone with a heart or back condition.

Guests are cautioned that the road can be quite bumpy and dusty.

Light-weight, comfortable clothing; sun cap; sunglasses; sunscreen, and flat comfortable shoes are recommended.

Rest room facilities at the Bedouin tent are oriental style.

Photo opportunities while in the desert hills.

Tea at the tent is made with bottled water and served in plastic disposable cups




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Sunset Jeep Safari

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Approximately 5hr00

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