Ancient Corinth & Mycenae

The road from the port will take you westward, past the Hellenic shipyards and along the Saronic Gulf to the famous Corinth Canal which is four miles long, 70 feet wide and has sloping sides 170 feet in height. It connects the Ionian and Aegean seas to provide a short cut. After a photo opportunity of the canal you'll proceed to the ancient town of Corinth where Saint Paul lived and preached for two years. In ancient times, Corinth was amongst the richest cities and this is quite evident by its remains. Excavations of the area are still continuing today and have brought to light the Agora (market place), temples, fountains, shops, porticoes, baths, and various other monuments which you'll see. The investigations extended also to the fortress on Acrocorinthos, prehistoric settlements, the theater, the Odeon, the Asklepeion, cemeteries, the quarter of the potters, and other buildings outside the main archaeological site.

You'll then visit the Corinth Museum located on the grounds and houses some of the finds from the site. Most of the antiquities, including superb mosaics, are Roman in origin. After a typical Greek lunch you'll pass the famous Lion's Gate and enter the citadel of Mycenae. Inside the cyclopean walls to the right of the entrance, is the Grave Circle, the Royal cemetery believed to have contained the body of Agamemnon as Schliemann found the magnificent golden mask there. Outside the walls, a quarter mile from the citadel site, the startling Beehive Tomb of Agamemnon, known as the 'Treasure of Atreus', will enrapture you. Having visited this remarkable site you'll reboard your coaches for the return drive to the port.


Special Notes:
Tour not suitable for elderly and assisted, physically challenged persons.

The site of Corinth and Mycenae has some uneven and slippery ground with a few steps at various points.

Wear comfortable walking shoes.


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:
00hr00 -> Depart from Piraeus Port
00hr00-> 01hr15 Drive to Corinth

01hr15-> 01hr30 Photo stop at the Corinth Canal

01hr30-> 01hr45 Drive to ancient Corinth

01hr45-> 03hr00 Guided tour of ancient Corinth site and its Museum

03hr00-> 03hr45 Drive to a local restaurant

03hr45-> 04hr45 Serving lunch

04hr45-> 05hr00 Drive to Mycenae

05hr00-> 06hr30 Guided tour of Mycenae site

06hr30-> 08hr30 Drive back to port