Highlands of Yemen (Overnight)

An opportunity to see Yemen’s Main Attractions – Sana’a & Manakah, incredible treasures as old as time itself.

Manakah, center for the Jewish artisans of Yemen for centuries and capital of the Haraz Region.

Situated 3100 meters above sea level the village was once a stronghold controlling the routes between Sana'a and the Tihama Region.

During certain times of the year Manakah is swathed in thick fog, a science fiction sight from a movie reminiscent of alien worlds from distant and mysterious planets.

View the fort built by the Ottoman Turks overlooking the town from the north, still used by the army to the present day.

Peaks of other mountains nearby are also dotted with other Ottoman forts. Admire the terraced mountainsides and stupendous scenery en route and continue to Al Hajarah one of the most impressive examples of stone architecture in Yemen and possibly the world.

The village has remained unchanged with its stone skyscrapers perched on the rock, a truly stunning spectacle visitors never forget.

Founded in the 11th century during the turbulent rise of the Sulayhids the village is still inhabited by about 400 people and gives the impression of strength, unity and independence.

Its incredible tower houses are heavily decorated with guss whitewash and from the rooftops of the taller houses breathtaking views across the mountains can be seen.

A guided walking tour in Al Hajarah’s alleys will introduce you to the historical Baaha quarter, inhabited by Yemeni Jews until they all immigrated to Israel in the 50’s. Sana’a; Built at 2400 meters above sea level in an atmosphere of thin air,

Sana'a is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and most ancient towns on the Arabian Peninsula believed to be the oldest inhabited city in the world.

Surrounded by fortress like villages perched on mountaintops often shrouded in mist and clouds, their tower houses are unique and unusually structured. Sana’a - meaning “Strong” or “Vigorous” in Arabic– is said to have been built by Shem, the first born son of Noah.

It became the chief residence of the Sabaean kings in the year 1,000BC when their kingdom of the Marib in the eastern region of Sana’a became a federation.

The fabled queen of Sheba might have traveled to Jerusalem to meet king Solomon from here.

Sana’a became the capital of the Great Himyarite Dynasty in the early 6th century AD serving also as a power base for Abyssinians and Persians. With the advent of Islam in the 7th century AD beautifully decorated mosques and minarets were added to the city’s skyline.

The Ottomans ruled Sana’a until the rebellion for independence in the 1960’s. Sana’a grew rapidly, politically and economically and today is the Capital of the Republic of Yemen.

Day 1:

Depart Hodeida for Manakah, capital of the Haraz Region. The region is full of old fortified villages built on hilltops.

Manakah is a large market town full of narrow alleys, souks and attractive four-storey houses. Enjoy a guided tour through the streets of Manakah.

Continue to one of the finest examples of architectural brilliance, the tightly built Al Hajarah.

The village dates to the 12th century AD and was an important fortification during the Turkish occupations of Yemen.

Visit Al Hajarah and return to Manakah where lunch will be served at a local restaurant.

Arrive in Sana’a and acclimatize yourself with the city’s thin air environment.

Check into your first class hotel, and then enjoy a cultural show full of Yemeni music and dances that will take place during a hearty local Yemeni dinner.

Overnight at Movenpick Sana’a hotel.

Day 2:

Today visit and learn about the historical capital city of Yemen - Sana’a. After an early breakfast check out from the hotel and depart to visit Sana’a’s national museum, the largest in the Arabian Peninsula.

See giant bronze statues of Hymiar kings, pre Islamic artifacts, models of temples, maps showing Neolithic, Paleolithic and Bronze Age sites and many other artifacts on display. A visit to the Old Walled City of Sana’a is the highlight of any visitor to the city.

It has the most unique style of buildings in all of Yemen. Here you can admire façades with elaborately decorated friezes and beautiful windows with complex fretwork and colored glass.

Mosques' minarets rise above the tower-houses and the city is strewn with Turkish baths.

The heart of the city is Souk al-Milh made up of about 40 smaller souks each specializing in a particular product. Sana’a’s Old Markets were named the Finest Souks in Arabia.

Take a guided walk in the walled city and admire the incredible architectural art displayed everywhere and use the opportunity to shop for souvenirs.

Enjoy a delicious Yemeni lunch buffet and return to the port of Hodeida.


Special Notes:
Hotel rooms are limited in Sana’a and tour must be pre-sold!!

Coaches are 50 seaters, a/c and toilet equipped.

Comfortable walking shoes and casual conservative clothing recommended.

Light Jacket needed for Sana’a.

Photographing women is a not allowed.

Keep money and other valuables in a safe place especially when walking in crowded souks. Bargain expected.

Tour not suitable for wheelchair confined or persons with limited walking.

Participants must be able to stand and walk long periods of time during the tour.

Toilets available in Manakah, Sana’a museum and hotel.


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:

Day 1:

00hr00 -> Excursion departs from Hodeida Port
00hr00 -> 02hr30 Drive to Manakah
02hr30 -> 03hr30 Sightseeing Manakah
03hr30 -> 03hr45 Drive to Hajarah
03hr45 -> 04hr45 Sightseeing Hajarah
04hr45 -> 05hr00 Drive to Manakah
05hr00 -> 06hr00 Serving lunch at restaurant in Manakah
06hr00 -> 09hr00 Drive to Sana’a
09hr00 -> 09hr30 Check in at first class hotel in Sana’a
10hr00 -> 12hr00 Dinner at hotel with cultural show. Overnight.
Day 2:
00hr00 -> 02hr30 Wake up call, breakfast and checkout
02hr30 -> 02hr50 Drive to national Museum
02hr50 -> 04hr00 Visit the museum
04hr00 -> 04hr15 Drive to old town
04hr15 -> 06hr30 Guided walking tour of old Sana’a and markets
06hr30 -> 07hr00 Drive to restaurant
07hr00 -> 08hr00 Serving lunch
08hr00 -> 11hr15 Drive to Hodeida



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Highlands of Yemen (Overnight)

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Cultural Shore Tours

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