Ancient Zabid

Built on the banks of Wadi Zabid at the eastern fringe of the Tihama coastal plain 16 kilometers from Hodeida’s Red Sea coast, Zabid is nestled between mountains and the coast.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1993 the city was founded in AD 819 as an Educational Center, home of the first University in the Islamic World. Soon, Zabid became well known as a center of Islamic and scientific learning boasting over 100 mosques and madrassas (Koran Schools).

It is here that Algebra was invented by Jaber Bin Hayan a Zabidian scholar. Zabidians are renown for their love for peace and spirituality. The old walled city is considered an antique cultural center that has very clear traces of its past civilization.

Enjoy traditions and local life well preserved like in the past, interesting and charming but very far from our modern city standards.

View the Historical Ashariya Mosque, one of the oldest Mosques in the Middle East and home of the first University in the Islamic world.

Enjoy a guided walking tour in the old town where you will have the chance to discover how a Yemeni city was in the ancient times:

Zabid's residential and military architecture and its urban plan make it an outstanding archaeological and historical site.

The Souk is a labyrinth, with the Old City at one end and the elegant large Ashariya mosque at the other end.

Your walking tour ends at a traditional Yemeni Guesthouse, where a simple lunch will be served. Enjoy the local dishes of Yemen followed by local music and dance performances before returning to Hodeida.


Special Notes:
Toilets available in the Guest House.

Tour not suitable for wheelchair confined persons nor with restricted walking.

Zabid weather is hot/humid; April is the beginning of summer humid season.

Very dusty, run down parts in the old town and market.

Comfortable walking shoes/sandals and casual light clothing recommended


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:

00hr00 -> Excursion departs from Hodeida Port

00hr00 -> 02hr15 Drive to Zabid
02hr15 -> 02hr45 Viewing Ashariya mosque and excavated ruins
02hr45 -> 03hr15 Guided walking tour of old town.
03hr15 -> 04hr15 Serving lunch with traditional music and dance
04hr15 -> 06hr30 Drive to Hodeida


Tour Details

Tour Name:
Ancient Zabid

sightseeing tour
Cultural Shore Tours

Tour ID:

Approximately 06hr30

medium excursionmeal included with tour

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