Panoramic Aden

Considered the gateway to the natural and cultural paradise of the Republic of Yemen situated at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Aden’s name is derived from the Garden of Eden, in Arabic “Adan” meaning paradise.

Built almost 3,000 years ago on a presently extinct volcano, Aden’s shoreline is cut by enormous craters forming a good natural harbor.

Occupied by Arabs and Turks for centuries Aden was used as a terminus of the spice road for Western Arabia.

A garrison built by the British in 1800 to safeguard communications with India after Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt became a permanent stronghold and coaling facility for shipping until 1970 when Yemen’s independence from Britain was declared.

Political and ethnic conflicts divided the newly founded Republic into North and South Yemen until 1990 when reconciliation was reached and the country was once again reunited.

Aden, a major industrial and commercial centre today has grown into the country’s 2nd largest city with over ½ a million inhabitants.

Well preserved 1st century water cisterns and beautiful 8th century mosques are standing proof of Aden’s advanced engineering.

The city’s National Museum of Antiquities exhibits artifacts dating from prehistoric times to early Islamic period. Fine sacrificial altars, alabaster figurines and panels, an impressive royal seal coin collection, Himarytic inscriptions and limestone statues of Sabaean gods together with traditional arts and crafts from the various Yemenite Kingdoms.

Aden’s Main Market complete with mazelike alleys is famous for Incense, Yemeni Henna and beautifully crafted silver jewelry.


Special Notes:
Tour not wheelchair accessible nor for persons with restricted walking.

Comfortable walking shoes and casual conservative clothing recommended.

Keep money and other valuables in a safe place especially when walking in crowded Souks.

Museum not air conditioned.

Oriental style toilet facilities available at the museum and the Cisterns.

A long flight of stairs at the museum leads to the upper floor.

No photography allowed. Museum dusty, musty and run down. Not a/c.

Merchandise at the souk is displayed among piled up rubbish.

Long walk and several stairs at the Cisterns.


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:

00hr00 -> Excursion departs from Aden Port

00hr00 -> 01hr15 Panoramic drive of Aden from port
01hr15 -> 02hr00 Visit the museum
02hr00 -> 02hr15 Drive to the Cisterns
02hr15 -> 03hr00 Visit Cisterns
03hr00 -> 03hr15 Drive to market
03hr15 -> 03hr45 Visit market

03hr45 -> 04hr15 Drive to port


Tour Details

Tour Name:
Panoramic Aden

sightseeing tour
Cultural Shore Tours

Tour ID:

Approximately 04hr30

medium excursion

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