The Best of Beirut

Depart from Beirut port and proceed to Jeita grotto, a unique natural wonder discovered in 1836, extending for more than 6 kms and consisting of two galleries, an upper level that can be visited on foot and a lower level that can be visited by boat.

You will be fascinated to see the different shapes of stalactites & stalagmites created by both water and time.

Take a short cable car ride to the upper gallery then back down for a boat ride Continue to Harissa where the statue of the Virgin Mary oversees the Bay of Jounieh.

Witness the calm and peaceful views of the mountains below and the sprawling metropolitan city of Beirut, an amazing sight spreading along the shores, overshadowed by pine covered mountains.

Enjoy a traditional Lebanese lunch, where you will be offered a wide variety of about fifteen different dishes known as meze.

Drive to the oldest Phoenician city of Byblos. This archeological site dates back to 7000 years. Byblos was the commercial and religious capital of the Phoenicians, the birthplace of the first linear alphabet, ancestor of all modern alphabets, Greek & Latin.

Visit the historical Crusader castle, the church of St John, the Roman theater and of course the Roman medieval port. Take a short walk among souvenir shops for handmade articles.

On the way back to Beirut port, you will drive through Beirut city center to view renovations and restorations taking place in a city destroyed by the fumes of war and is now shaking off the ashes.


Special Notes:
Comfortable modest attire and walking shoes required.

Toilets available at Byblos, restaurant and Jeita Grotto.

Tour not wheelchair accessible nor for persons with limited walking.

Grotto can become humid at times and very crowded.

Partly uneven ground and several steps at Byblos.


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:

00hr00 -> Excursion departs from Beirut Port

00hr00 -> 01hr00 Drive to Jeita Grotto
01hr00 -> 03hr00 Visit Jeita Grotto
03hr00 -> 03hr45 Drive to Harissa
03hr45 -> 04hr15 Visit Harissa
04hr15 -> 04hr45 Drive to restaurant
04hr45 -> 06hr00 Serving lunch
06hr00 -> 07hr00 Drive to Byblos
07hr00 -> 08hr30 Visit Byblos
08hr30 -> 09hr30 Drive to Beirut
09hr30 -> 10hr00 Orientation drive through the city centre
10hr00 -> 10hr15 Drive to the port


Tour Details

Tour Name:
The Best of Beirut

sightseeing tour
Cultural Shore Tours

Tour ID:

Approximately 10hr30

medium excursionmeal included with tour

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