The Glory of Cyrene

Founded as a colony by Greeks led by Battus from the ancient island of Thera in 630BC Cyrene was the oldest and most important of the five Greek cities in the region giving eastern Libya the classical name of “Cyrenaica” which is retained into modern times.

Birthplace to many of the Greek philosophers, Cyrene became part of the Empire controlled by the Ptolemies, rulers of Egypt, later passing into the hands of the Roman Empire.

Situated in a lush valley of the Green Mountains range the site covers approximately 1,300 square meters merging together with the modern village of Shahat and the surrounding agricultural fields.

Visit the temple of Apollo built in the 7th century BC. The water from the temple’s fountain was considered curing and seats where people sat while treated can still be seen today.

In the temple’s sanctuary view the Great Baths, parts of them in exceptional conditions. Inside the Grand Hall the pipes bringing water from the fountain are still visible.

Although Cyrene’s theatre is of Roman architecture its foundations are believed to be Greek. Set on a stunning location allowing uninterrupted views of the rolling hills behind its stage, it offers a dramatic picture over the landscape stretching out to sea.

View the tomb of Battus in the Agora, the site’s main square and the Forum of Proculus, which is still in relatively good condition. Cyrene’s necropolis surrounds the site covering an estimated 10 square kilometres. Hundreds of tombs are cut into the surrounding hills and many have shapes of mausoleums and temples.

Take time out to relax and enjoy a simple tasty meal in a local restaurant before you continue with a visit to the partly excavated temple of Zeus. Admire the exquisite marble statues in the nearby small museum before you begin the return drive to Benghazi.


Special Notes:
Tour is not suitable for people with limited walking or physically assisted. Not wheelchair accessible.

Comfortable walking shoes, sun hat and bottled water recommended.

There are no toilet stops on the way (approx. 3 hours each way).

Busses are a/c but not toilet equipped.

Basic toilets available at the entrance of Cyrene upper and lower parts and at Cave Restaurant.

No camera or video fees at sites visited.


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:

00hr00 -> Excursion departs from Benghazi Port

00hr00 -> 03hr00 Drive to Cyrene
03hr00 -> 03hr15 Toilet facilities at site
03hr30 -> 04hr30 Visit upper section of Cyrene
04hr30 -> 04hr40 Drive to restaurant
04hr40 -> 05hr40 Serving lunch at restaurant
05hr40 -> 05hr50 Drive to museum and Zeus temple
05hr50 -> 06hr50 Visit museum and temple of Zeus
06hr50 -> 07hr00 Drive to lower part of Cyrene
07hr00 -> 08hr00 Visit lower part of Cyrene

08hr00 -> 11hr00 Drive to Benghazi




Tour Details

Tour Name:
The Glory of Cyrene

Sightseeing Shore Tours
Cultural Shore Tours


Tour ID:

Approximately 11hr00

medium excursionmeal included with tour

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