Simply the Pyramids

Depart from Alexandria in luxury a/c motor coaches en route to Africa's largest city, the legendary El Qahira, better known in modern times as Cairo. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride through cultivated land and expanses of desert sand. Your professional guide will narrate the history and culture of this fascinating and timeless land. Arrive at the Giza plateau where the Pyramids of Giza are found.

Enjoy panoramic views of the three pyramids from the Western Plateau before your coach parks at the base of Chephren's Pyramid and free time will be allocated to explore the site on your own. Continue down the valley where the guardian of this mortuary complex, the mighty Sphinx lies watching the passage of time and men in aeons of silence, its mysterious expression an enigma yet to be unravelled.

Take time out to relax and enjoy a delicious lunch buffet at a leading 5* deluxe hotel before you. After lunch visit a Papyrus Institute where the art of paper making from reeds first discovered by the Ancient Egyptians will be demonstrated for you. Limited time for souvenir shopping will also be allocated before taking the return journey to the port to rejoin your ship.



Special Notes:
Comfortable walking shoes and a sun hat recommended.

The visit to the interior of the Pyramids is not part of the tour and requires and extra fee. Not recommended for people suffering from claustrophobia or have back and/or knee problems. The corridor is dark and low and at most of the time visitors have to stoop or bend their knees while they walk. The main chamber is totally empty. Very humid and dark inside.

No cameras or videos allowed inside.

A lot of vendors sell all sorts of souvenirs at the Pyramids, especially at the Western Plateau. What is being sold as papyrus at extremely cheap prices are nothing but painted banana leaves, not real papyrus.

Please always consult and seek the advice of your guide.


Tour Timings:

Tours begin at times suitable for the ship's arrival in port. The breakdown of the excursions is as follows:
00hr00 -> Depart from Alexandria Port
00hr00 -> 02hr45 Drive from Alexandria port to Pyramids area
02hr45 -> 04hr45 Visit Pyramids/sphinx area
04hr45 -> 05hr00 Drive time from Pyramids to hotel
05hr00 -> 06hr15 Serving Buffet lunch at 5 stars hotel
06hr15 -> 06hr30 Drive time from hotel to Papyrus Institute
06hr30 -> 07hr15 Visit papyrus Institute and shopping at Oriental bazaars
07hr15 -> 10hr00 Drive time from Papyrus institute to Alexandria port


Tour Details

Tour Name:
Simply the Pyramids

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Approximately 10hr00

medium excursionmeal included with tour

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